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Skinsens Aesthetics Skincare Training


No Training Fee


1 Day (Online Platform or Live via Zoom)

About the Course

Many skinsens products now feature nanosilver technology, which enhances their effectiveness. Silver has a history of fighting infection, preventing colds and flu, aiding in wound healing, and potentially assisting with cancer and arthritis. It is commonly used in wound dressings, lotions, and medical equipment to prevent infection. Colloidal silver is made through an electrical process, creating silver ions in a water solution, while nanosilver complex contains pure silver extracted through a mechanical process. It is connected to a dot carrier, allowing for a slow release of silver ions in its most potent liquid form. Nanosilver is non-cytotoxic and cannot accumulate inside cells like colloidal silver.

Perfect Range:

This range addresses existing pigmentation and prevents its induction by aesthetic treatments through the use of strong tyrosinase inhibitors to normalize melanin production, as well as actives like salicylic and lactic acid to increase cell turnover, along with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

DeAge Range:

This range prevents early aging while stimulating the skin's natural collagen, elastin, and cell turnover to rejuvenate, and high-grade ingredients ensure the skin remains hydrated and plumped.

Protect Range:

This range is dedicated to calming, soothing, and protecting the skin after advanced aesthetic procedures, as well as preventing damage from external factors such as the sun and other environmental elements.

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